Out of Many

Out of Many


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Feb 6, 2021 - Apr 17, 2021Add To Calendar

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Wedge Curatorial Projects will present "Out of Many" (working title), a solo photographic exhibition that will explore the personal family archive, and cross-generational and cross-cultural histories. The exhibition will feature works by Toronto-based portrait photographer, Jorian Charlton, at Toronto's Gallery TPW.

Charlton's work explores Jamaican-Canadian culture through personal experiences. She pursues reflections of identity and diasporic relationships to homeland, with a poetic approach that characterizes a distinct style of visual storytelling. The exhibition will present Charlton's own photographs alongside these vintage images, creating a dialogue between generations and cultures, and exploring themes around the aestheticized family album, the archive, and immigration. It will reflect on the intersections between public and private histories - how private materials such as family archives interact and transform a public space. This project and archive explores the fluidity of the "immigration story" touching upon new ways of thinking about Black Caribbean-Canadian culture.

Working in partnership with Gallery TPW, this exhibition will move beyond the confines of the gallery space through associated programming (including student workshops, artist talks, a discussion panel, etc.). The exhibition will present physical photographs (both Charlton's and her father's vintage slides), as well as virtual viewing rooms and an engaging online platform. These will provide multiple spaces for reflecting on and exploring visual familial narratives and a platform for personal discoveries and research.

Aligned with Wedge's mandate, Gallery TPW has a mission to support artists and engage with communities aiming to stimulate active change within the city among diverse and underrepresented local artists and cultural workers. "Out of Many" will ultimately serve as an entry point for stories of immigration and intergenerational dialogue - for communities to simultaneously explore personal and historical themes intertwined with Diasporic narratives.

Image courtesy of Jorian Charlton, Untitled (Ayo & Georgia), 2020. © Jorian Charlton.


Gallery TPW170 St. Helens Avenue Toronto, OntarioCAGet Directions

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